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Foster Care in Western Australia

March 06, 2014

With thousands of children placed into the foster care system within Australia each year, families are always needed to volunteer their time and to provide a happy home for children to live in. Children in foster care may be in need of temporary care for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or may need more permanent care ranging anywhere from several months to a few years. In some cases, foster parents may be able to adopt their foster children if their biological parents lose full custody of them due to a number of different situations. 

Why Do Children Need Foster Care?

Many children are placed into the foster care Australia system due to neglect, incarceration of their parents, death of their parents, abuse or even voluntarily. When a children is unable to live safely within their own home, they are taken to Australia's Department for Child Protection. They are typically placed with other close family members or those who are close to them. When this is not a possibility, the child or children are then placed into the foster care system. Those who are in foster care in Australia are placed into a loving, caring, happy and healthy home with foster parents who can provide them with all that they need to thrive, including expert counselling services from a professional. After their biological parents receive help, it may be possible for the child to return home. 

The Job of a Foster Parent 

Foster care Western Australia agencies are always in need of foster parents to dedicate their time in helping to change the lives of a child. No matter your occupation, whether you're married or single, if you have other children or your age, there are a few important traits that a foster parent must have. First and foremost, foster parents must want to make a positive difference in a child's life. They must have patience, understanding, commitment and time to spend with the child that they have been placed with. Your maturity level, health and overall lifestyle will play a part in the decision of becoming a foster carer. In addition, you must have dedicated space within your home for the child to live and are able to attend training classes in order to obtain new and helpful skills as a caregiver because the job of a parent never ends. 

Becoming a Foster Carer in Australia 

In order to become a foster carer within Western Australia, there are several steps that you must follow in order to complete the process and to be placed with a child or children. First, you will need to read over valuable information packets that can help you to make a decision in becoming a foster carer. Information sessions will also allow you to meet staff members and other foster parents who are able to share their experiences with you. After expressing interest in becoming a caregiver, you will have a home visit with a Foster Care Australia Services worker who will learn more about you and determine if your home is ideal for a child to live in. You will then go through the application process, screenings, assessments and training before gaining approval. 

Becoming a foster parent can take up to six months to complete and receive approval. While this may seem like a long time, it is well worth the wait in order to better the lives of children who are in need.





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